Frequently Asked Questions

We advise our customers, where we can on all things log and fire related – If we don’t know the answer we probably know someone who does.

What size are your logs?

They are processed to around 10 inches (25cm) in length. This size suits about 95% of our customers open fires or woodburners. We are unable to cater for specific sizes.

How do you deliver?

Unless specified by the customer our wood will always come in a bulk delivery bag. The main reason is so that you can see what you are getting in terms of volume. At point of delivery we can either tip them out or, if need be, drag the bag into a garage or similar. (Please note that we are not able to help with barrowing or stacking).

Can I burn them on my open fire?

Yes you can, although we would always recommend the use of a fireguard. (In case of the odd spit and crackle).

How do I pay?

Our preferred method is by online banking. Second best is cash, with cheques a poor third! We will email you an invoice as VAT is involved. For your information VAT on firewood is 5%.

How much is delivery?

FREE………. If you live within a 10 mile radius of Hertford. Outside of this area a nominal charge may apply depending on quantity ordered.

Do you sweep chimneys?

No we don’t. But we know a man who can….. Contact Mark or Richard at Ignite Installations at igniteinstallations@gmail.com


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